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The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

Educational Session Register By March 2, 20219:00 AMET Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed and will continue to change how cybersecurity and privacy professionals protect their institutions’ secret, confidential, and private information. Increasingly, institutions defending their data against the most sophisticated, coordinated, and persistent cyberattacks are relying on AI-driven solutions. This panel will discuss how AI will likely influence the reasonableness standard in courts of law that must determine whether a litigant accused of negligent cybersecurity or data privacy management practices had reasonable safeguards in place when its systems were compromised and its most sensitive data was stolen. How nation-state level cyber-attackers engaging in cyber-espionage use AI to attack and how …

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The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

Keeping “IT” Security Real, Re-imagining Cyber Defenses

Much has changed due to Covid-19, Remote Work from Home (or Anywhere) and the ongoing SolarWinds fiasco have caused every cybersecurity team to review “what really matters in terms of cyber risk,” and master the basics as the foundation of their security program. As I have been known to say, in ‘cyber’ what was once true yesterday, may not be so today! It is often recommended to check-in from time-to-time and explore what may have changed. This continues to ring true today. When Covid-19 lockdowns were officially announced in March of 2020, much of the workforce had to rapidly shift to a new mode of working opening or compound existing …

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Keeping IT Security Real Re-imagining Defenses
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