Remote Work for Business

Everything You Need for Remote Work

Everything You Need for Remote Work

As your trusted IT provider, we want to make sure you’re prepared for this shift not only with the right tools, but with a better understanding of remote work best practices. Download our info document below and learn why cloud communications are a must-have for remote workers, with benefits that include:

  • Working remotely or ‘on the go’
  • Central hub for organizing information
  • Improved productivity
  • Better reliability
  • Enhanced security

Unified Communications for Remote Work and Telecommuting

A complete, reliable, and affordable cloud Unified Communications setup is what you need—with a modern-day business phone system at the center of it. Download the info document below to learn the 5 ways our Unified Communications offering supports and enhances your remote work setup:

  1. Greater mobility = greater productivity
  2. Real-time response
  3. Enhanced employee collaboration
  4. Easy workflow
  5. Consistent reliability

Remote Work Solutions

The entire business world is shifting towards remote work or ‘work-from-home’ arrangements, there are three key solutions you need to be as productive at home as you are in the office:

  1. Full Cloud Communication System: Highly reliable phone service for making crystal clear calls, plus chat and messaging ability, file sharing, video conferencing and more all rolled into a single platform – accessible from virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Video Conferencing: Meet from anywhere with high-quality 720p HD video and audio meetings and don’t sacrifice the benefits of a ‘face-to-face’ meeting.
  3. Contact Center: Keep customer experience strong with multi-site contact centers and remote agents for quality customer support. Plus, keep an eye on your service levels, customer interactions, and analyze team performance with real-time performance dashboards.

Best Practices for Working Remotely

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