Protect What Matters Most

Protect What Matters Most: Risk Management, Cyber Security and Incident Response for Modern Business

As businesses adopt digital practices more than ever, now is the time to prepare for the next generation of threats and attacks expected to continue, and even increase, in 2021 and beyond. Hosted by some of the most well-known industry experts, our upcoming webinar will highlight risk management for cybersecurity in three areas – defense, legal and financial risk transfer. Business leaders will learn:

  1. How to identify potential risks
  2. Assess their impact, and
  3. Plan an appropriate response to mitigate against potential financial and legal liabilities

Special Guest:

Ms. Bolanle Akinrimisi, Beazley Group, Data Breach Insurance

Ms. Akinrimisi is an expert in cyber risk claims, Bolanle Akinrimisi is currently Beazley’s Cyber & Executive Risk Claims Manager. Beazley is a specialized insurance company. She is experienced in matters related to cybersecurity and data privacy, including how to respond to network intrusions and data breaches quickly and appropriately. She also has experience in managing liability and intellectual property claims.

Join our session on March 10th, we will address:

  • Why cybersecurity insurance may be worth the cost?
  • What does cybersecurity insurance cover?
  • How does cybersecurity insurance work?
  • What are the advantages of cybersecurity insurance?
  • What are the disadvantages of cybersecurity insurance?”From a broad perspective, building in ransomware payments to insurance policies will only promote the use of ransomware further and simultaneously disincentivize organizations from taking the proper steps to avoid ransomware fallout.”






Protect What Matters Most


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