What is a ZERO DAY, REALLY? What is a zero-day, this can often confuse many as the term is used to describe zero-day exploits, zero-day attacks, zero-day malware and vulnerabilities. We’ve prepared this infographic to address any questions. The term “zero day” has come to describe one thing: A vulnerability or an attack vector that is known only to the attackers, so it can work without interruption from the defenders. You can think about it is a flaw in a piece of software, or even sometimes hardware. Typical Lifecycle, of a Zero Day Responsible Disclosure What is Not A Zero Day In-the-Wild, Zero Day Attacks Number of Zero Day by …

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What is a Zero-Day

Mobile Security Index 2020 Report

Mobile Security Index 2020 Report The theme of this year’s Mobile Security Index (MSI) is innovation. Mobile connectivity is enabling entirely new customer and employee experiences, and transforming business across all sectors. As you’d expect, we investigate 5G and the impact that that’s going to have. And we look at IoT devices, most of which are connected using cellular or mobile WAN technologies, like CAT-M1 and Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT). We also look at how apps and data in the cloud are giving mobile devices increased capabilities, empowering users and becoming critical to operations. In fact, when we asked our survey respondents to rate how crucial mobile is to …

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Mobile Security Index 2020 Report
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