Mobile Security Index 2020 Report

Mobile Security Index 2020 Report

Mobile Security Index 2020 Report

The theme of this year’s Mobile Security Index (MSI) is innovation. Mobile connectivity is enabling entirely new customer and employee experiences, and transforming business across all sectors. As you’d expect, we investigate 5G and the impact that that’s going to have. And we look at IoT devices, most of which are connected using cellular or mobile WAN technologies, like CAT-M1 and Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

We also look at how apps and data in the cloud are giving mobile devices increased capabilities, empowering users and becoming critical to operations. In fact, when we asked our survey respondents to rate how crucial mobile is to their
business on a 10-point scale, 83% answered 8 or higher.

But that’s just the beginning of the story. Unfortunately, it’s not just network operators and device manufacturers that are innovating. We also explore the recurring theme of attackers getting more creative. This “mal-innovation”—from novel ways to exploit vulnerabilities to new ways to monetize attacks—is making protecting mobile devices, and all the data and resources they connect to, an ongoing challenge for business.

Mobile security is not a new issue, but the stakes are getting higher. The scale of regulatory penalties is growing, and customers—consumers, businesses and public-sector organizations—are becoming more sensitive to the issue. In the
past, many people saw little difference between the approaches of the companies pursuing their business—from banks to retailers—and so it didn’t sway their loyalty. That’s changing, and many companies are responding by making security and data
privacy central to their value proposition. We found that 84% of companies think that data privacy will be a key brand differentiator in the future.

This year’s report brings even greater insights with contributions from:

  • 876 cybersecurity professionals, including 263 from small and medium businesses

  • 9 security solution providers

  • Representatives from the U.S. FBI and Secret Service

  • Verizon security experts

Vertical industry reports covering financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and the public sector are also available, including an SMB-focused mobile security report.

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