Advanced Network Security for Active Cyber Defense

XBAND Enterprises Launches Portal to Help Businesses with Cyber Defense

Welcome to the new XBAND Enterprises Active Cyber Defense portal, where we defend our clients and work to prevent cyber attacks while disrupting and neutralizing our adversaries. We have assembled an industry leading portfolio of solutions that is designed to assist the smallest of businesses to the largest global organizations attain the protection and assurance required to continuously conduct business online. We have the experience and experts available which can conduct a Cyber Security Risk Assessment, Information Technology Assessment, or perform a Cloud Security Audit to initiate the process.

XBAND delivers a rigorous program aimed to help protect our clients from unknown and advanced cyber attacks.



Our Cyber Hygiene, Dynamic Network Discovery, Identity and Access Management and Security Awareness solutions serve as the preeminent foundation, when combined with our converged network security platform, XBAND delivers an unparalleled cyber protection experience.

Coupled with XBAND’s Cyber Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery businesses can protect and defend against the most advanced ransomware attacks. A pro-active “multi-layered” defense is the best method of ensuring cyber resilience, says CEO Ahmed Sharaf. XBAND employs a multi-layered threat defense strategy with machine learning and artificial intelligence infused at every possible layer to prevent and respond to cyber incidents. Our next generation “Rogue Device” mitigation makes the invisible, visible and protects the most important business, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, industrial and critical systems. 

Deploying our “ActiveZero Defense” capabilities XBAND thwarts attackers and eliminates the possibility of data exfiltration. Yesterday’s security perimeter has eroded. While next generation firewalls will not remove the “moat and castle” model, it is clear that new strategies and tactics are required to achieve the prevention and protection levels necessary to maintain business integrity and continuity. 



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