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What is a ZERO DAY, REALLY? What is a zero-day, this can often confuse many as the term is used to describe zero-day exploits, zero-day attacks, zero-day malware and vulnerabilities. We’ve prepared this infographic to address any questions. The term “zero day” has come to describe one thing: A vulnerability or an attack vector that is known only to the attackers, so it can work without interruption from the defenders. You can think about it is a flaw in a piece of software, or even sometimes hardware. Typical Lifecycle, of a Zero Day Responsible Disclosure What is Not A Zero Day In-the-Wild, Zero Day Attacks Number of Zero Day by …

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What is a Zero-Day

Active Shooter Defense

You should feel safe where you work, worship, learn, & play… Defendry watches your security cameras 24/7 to automatically detect, deter, and report potential threats in just seconds. Early detection can even automatically lock a shooter out before entering. 2,808 Causalities from Active Shooter Incidents in the United States from 2000 to October 2019 Automatic Lockdown 24/7 Human Verification Immediate Emergency Notifications [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”XBAND Active Shooter Defense” height=”800″]

Active Shooter Defense
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