Incident Response Services

You’ve been attacked … get immediate access to security experts!

Incident Response

Receive rapid response to cybersecurity incidents

around the clock global hotline

Reduce cost to your business and other adverse impact

Proactively prepare with Incident Response program assessment, IR playbooks and tabletop exercises to enhance your incident response program, management and recovery.

  • Gain deep insight into how and why the incident started with threat intelligence and forensic analysis, enabling agile response to law enforcement queries and regulatory requirements.
  • Vision Retainer is an annual subscription based service that helps you proactively prepare for and respond to threats by applying the latest threat intelligence and our deep domain security experts honed by hundreds of major breach investigations.

Proactive Services:

  • Incident Response Program Assessment

  • Incident Response Program Customization

  • Standard Tabletop Exercises

  • Incident Response Plan – High Level Review

  • Security Incident – First Responder Training

  • Incident Response Plan Full Development

Program Assessments

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Strategic Threat

Strategic Threat

Active Threat

Active Threat

Flat Rate Pricing

Clients can pull from the allotted dollar amount to test whatever they want. No re negotiations or signings needed.

Specialized Expertise

Specialized practices and expertise for ATM, blockchain, mainframe, IoT, OT/ICS and automotive testing.

Senior Level Expertise

XBAND testers have at least a decade of testing experience.

Customized Reports

Each report and set of remediation recommendations are customized for each client.

Your key assets are mission critical

Take action at the different levels of intelligence within your organization

Strategic Threat Assessment

Characterize threat events by the typical attackers, the likely infection vectors, and the techniques and procedures that adversaries employ.

Our unique understanding of adversaries and their tactics is derived from fusing information gathered at incident response investigations, technical observations, and open sources.


Threat actor and industry insights to proactively stay ahead of the attacker and take decisive actions.

Tactical / Operational

Machine to machine intelligence to detect and prevent the known and unknown  attacks

Executive level awareness on current threat level and cyber risk profile

Identify actionable steps that can be taken today to better protect yourself and your organization







You’ve been attacked. Get immediate access to the experts

Emergency Incident Support

Immediate Assistance

Immediate assistance: XBAND helps you combat a security incident, intrusion, or attack, for faster recovery.

Rapid Response

Worldwide 24/7, rapid response to a cybersecurity incident with our around the clock global hotline.

Deep Insight

Forensic analysis, enabling agile response to law enforcement queries and regulatory requirements.

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