Cloud Backup for Mission Critical Operations

From a single work station to an entire enterprise infrastructure

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

From a single workstation to an entire enterprise infrastructure

Cloud Backup –  storage that won’t slow you down. In fact, independent tests show that saves you time when
backing up and offers fast access when you need your files.

Cloud Backup


Backup Cloud protects any virtual, physical, and cloud environment

Advanced Cloud Backup Solutions


  • Application-aware Hyper-V and Oracle Database backup and recovery
  • Cluster-aware backup of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Office 365 public folders backup
  • Granular Microsoft Exchange mailbox backup


  • New Performance and backup window
  • Centralized backup plans management and group management of devices
  • Instant Restore with VM finalization for Hyper-V
  • New device status rules
  • Script-based backup location targeting


  • Automatic backup file notarization
  • Automatic system-information save, if a reboot recovery fails
  • Encrypted backups support for disaster recovery
  • Five locations for replication in a backup plan
  • Secure Zone management from the backup console

Protect Any Workload


  • Cloud VMs
  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Websites


  • Physical
  • Virtual
  • Applications
  • Mobile

Back up to Any Storage


  • Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud, Azure, AWS
  • Your data center
  • Third-party cloud storage


  • Software-Defined Infrastructure
  • Local disks
  • NAS, SAN

What’s New in Cyber Cloud Backup 8.0

Cloud Backup

Standard edition

Includes all features in Backup Cloud 7.9 and multiple new features added in 8.0.

Cloud Backup Advanced edition

Advanced edition

Includes all features in the Standard edition, plus a number of “advanced” features. These additional features include those related to scalable management of larger infrastructures and support for additional workloads.

Cloud Backup Disaster Recovery edition

Disaster Recovery edition

Includes all features in the Advanced edition, plus all features of Disaster Recovery Cloud.

Cloud Backup G Suite backup

G Suite backup

Readily available G Suite backup services and get reliable point-in-time recovery, flexible restore and cloud storage options, as well as quick search functionality.

Cryptomining protection

Cryptomining protection

Benefit from enhanced Active Protection, which detects potential cryptomining malware on PCs and stops it, preserving resources and network traffic.

New product launch

New product launch

Meet XBANDs' "Data Protection Cyber Cloud". Beginning with this update, Data Protection Cyber Cloud has been renamed in order to reflect XBANDs’ commitment to delivering complete cyber protection solutions.

Complete Cloud Backup Microsoft 365 Protection

Easy-to-use and secure cloud-to-cloud backup puts your Microsoft data under your own control. XBAND's solution ensures compliance,

quick access to backup Office 365 data and greatly improved RTO (recovery time objective).

Convenient agentless backup

Convenient agentless backup

Enjoy simplified configuration and maintenance of the solution. With XBAND Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

One solution for any workload

One solution for any workload

Save on licensing, education and integration. XBAND's Backup is a scalable solution that protects 20+ platforms — physical, virtual, cloud or mobile. Manage any kind of data protection task and protect any piece of your company’s data.

Quick granular restore

Quick granular restore

Avoid downtime and ensure business continuity by recovering in seconds. Granularly backup and restore required pieces of data such as emails, files, sites, contacts, attachments, etc.


Start quickly with no upfront costs and save on trainings and maintenance. With Backup you can backup data from

Microsoft data centers directly to highly secure XBAND data centers.


Intuitive user-interface

Administer the solution and perform backup tasks using a user-friendly, modern interface. Reduce costs and time spent learning the solution and implementing it.

Automatic protection for new O365 items

Reduce headaches by streamlining backup management for Microsoft Office 365. New users, groups and sites are automatically protected.

Quick cloud backup search

Find a file you need in seconds. Enhanced search for mailboxes allows users to search by email subject, recipient, sender and date. In addition, users can search
with word forms or partial information and can also search OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online by site item and file name.

Powerful status monitoring

Achieve higher levels of transparency and security thanks to advanced reporting capabilities and backup-status monitoring, including widgets, notifications and alerts for critical events.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) support

Add an additional layer of security, like authentication via a trusted device or fingerprint. Without MFA, your password is the only verification method.

Multi-level encryption

Safeguard your data with additional security.
At-source, enterprise-grade AES-256 encryption protects backups with irreversibly encrypted passwords.

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