By The Numbers

Industry Leading Cyber Protection Infrastructure and Services

cyber resilience:
alignment of prevention, detection and response capabilities to manage, mitigate and move on from cyberattacks.


87% Prevented

Improved defense against

focused attacks

55 % Detection

one week or less to

detect a breach

33 % Respondents

Internal incidents were

more frequent

90 % of Organizations

Expected investment in


72 % Enterprises

“it is not possible to appear strong, prepared and competent if my organization is the victim of a security breach”

55 % iOt sECURITY

Are investing in

Internet of Things


We serve the most critical types of industries

A pre-emptive multi-layered cybersecurity strategy which utilizes cyber hygiene, machine learning and artificial intelligence and automation to secure users, endpoints and their devices at every stage of an attack, across every attack vector.

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