Top 10 Tips for Keeping Virtual Meetings Engaging

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Virtual Meetings Engaging If you want to keep your conference call from being the epitome of a meme, then you need to reinvent the way you think about virtual meetings. Online meetings can be interactive and effective with the right technology and strategy. If you want to keep remote meetings engaging and on track, then use these 10 valuable tips. Being virtual doesn’t eliminate connections and collaboration By leveraging online meeting technology, you can lead meetings where it’s easy to connect and collaborate. The ability to offer remote work opportunities for your team can be one of the most valuable decisions you make. It means that your …

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Top 10 Tips for Keeping Virtual Meetings Engaging

Simple Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management The increase in sophisticated, targeted security threats by both external attackers and malicious insiders have made it extremely difficult for organizations to properly protect critical and sensitive information. The task of protecting these assets has only grown harder as IT environments have become more complex and widely distributed across geographic locations and in the cloud. Many recent high-profile breaches have one thing in common: They were accomplished through the compromise of passwords. In many cases, end-user passwords are initially hacked through various social engineering techniques. Then permissions are escalated to gain access to more privileged accounts — the keys to the kingdom. This unauthorized access can easily …

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Priviledged Account Management
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