Extend Zero Trust Across Your Applications

Remote Work at home Program

The Dangers of Exposing Applications to the World

As organizations continue to “go digital” and become more connected, they open their networks and internal applications to remote employees, customers, business partners, 3rd party vendors, mobile devices, and connected devices.

Enhanced connectivity is necessary to remain business-relevant, but it comes at a cost; Research shows that six out of ten organizations around the globe have suffered at least one cyber-attack on their enterprise services.

The corona virus and the mass movement to remote work at home programs has further intensified business operations and has widened the attack surface for every organization exponentially. Due to this development XBAND is offering an introductory offer for 90-days at no cost to help our clients adapt to the new business dynamic.

ZERO TRUST Allows for any setup

Allows for any setup

Choose from on-prem, on cloud or hybrid deployment to best fit your organization’s needs.

ZERO TRUST Supports total flexibility

Supports total flexibility

Secure Application Access works with your VPN, in place of your VPN or next to your VPN.

ZERO TRUST Grants full network segmentation

Grants full network segmentation

Using Reverse Access patented technology , your network remains hidden from the outside at all times.

Prevents attacks before they happen

Prevents attacks before

they happen

Our proprietary Telepath Behavioral Analytics tool detects malicious insiders and bots, catching them before they can do harm.

Scales precisely according to usage

Scales precisely

according to usage

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) fits any type and number of users, and grows precisely with increasing or decreasing data demands. Any user - Client, clientless and IOT devices

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